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To receive Fingerhut help and support, we have researched and confirmed the contact information that is available.

The Fingerhut help and contact details are now including the help phone number for Fingerhut customer service. is reachable by online support and the Fingerhut phone number is provided for direct calls.

When you contact Fingerhut for help or support, confirm that you are contacting at which is the website listed for them. At the time this Fingerhut support page was created the direct web link was: Meta Description:

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Help Page Summary:

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Current IP Address Registration:
tw telecom holdings, inc.
TWTELECOM-COM (NET-168-215-0-0-1) –
Fingerhut Direct Marketing, Inc.
TWTC-FDM-01 (NET-168-215-59-0-1) –

Fingerhut Phone Number, Domain, And Email Contact Information:

Bluestem Brands, Inc. (BLUESTEM56198)
Flying Cloud Drive
Eden Prairie, MN, 55344

Domain name:

Technical contact:
Administrator, Domain (NH14951)
NetNames USA Inc.
11th Floor
55 Broad Street
New York, New York, 10004
+1.2126274599 Fax: +1.2126275744

Administrative contact:
Manager, Domain (DM48948)
Bluestem Brands, Inc.
Flying Cloud Drive
Eden Prairie, MN, 55344
+1.9526563700 Fax: +1.9526563888

Record Type:     Domain Name
Server Type:     IIS 6
WebSite Status:     Active

Domain servers in listed order:

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